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Your business needs and time is very important.  Pick the service that fits your business goals or contact me so I can create a custom package for you.  All clients will sign a NDA before any information is passed along.

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Grant Searches


Every business is different when it comes to funding.  Providing grants searches allows me to identify funding opportunities particularly for your business.  This service is guaranteed to give you a list of links that apply to your business with full descriptions of grant and organization.

$225.00 for this one time service

*book below

Business Credit


Never use your personal credit for business.  Yes, sometimes you have to start off that way, but you should never stay that way.  Business credit and personal credit should be totally separate.  Let me assist you with building business credit.

$350 for this one time service

*book below

Grant Writing


A service for the entrepreneur who is truly dedicated to their business goals and obtaining grants year around.  

Rates Starting at $999.00 - Up.

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I'm pleased to assist anyone who is looking for grant writing services.  In order to purchase a plan, you must schedule a free phone conference to make sure your business is grant ready.  


Want to hear more? Leave your info and I'll get back to you.

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