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Is your company solving a problem for the public?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

One of the main things an entrepreneur should focus on is solving problems for the community. When you solve problems that people are having you will have a better outcome. Let's talk about a few different business ideas that might help you develop your plan a little better.

So... Grab your coffee, Newspaper, and Computer.... Let's get to it.

People need food, clothes, daycare, school, name it. What are you selling and is it really needed? Remember you need to solve a problem to be able to market to more people. Touching certain demographics is important as well.

What NOT to say:

I want to open my own hair business because I see so many people opening up and they're making money. If they can sell hair I can too.

Did you ask yourself if they would be competition? Are you selling a product that so many others are already selling? If so, how are you going to make your business stand out? What are your prices compared to others? Have you done your homework?

What to do when thinking of your business plan

Grab your pen and get ready to let your mind roll. I would recommend you find a relaxing time and place you can let your mind drift away and focus on what you would love for your business to look like in 10 years. Think big. Write down everything you think about, rather if it sounds funny or not. One day some of those funny ideas will be ideas you can work with. No good thought is wasted.

Once you get your basics covered such as name, location, logo, colors, and mission statement, you will start to work on your website content and then making money. Each business should have at least 2-3 ways it can take payments and 2-3 ways it can generate money for the business.

Next, set yourself some goals. With time limits!! However, do not stress yourself when you pass a due date on a goal. As long as you're working and moving forward, YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

I love to read Forbes!!!

Stay tuned for more tips. Thank you for reading.

LaTonya Chante

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