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With a new year brings new beginnings, new milestones, and adventures. For me, I like to have my business and personal calendar laid out by the new year so I can focus on time management as much as possible. This year, I'm definitely going to spend more time on goals I WILL achieve. One of those goals is helping more small business owners learn the ropes of entrepreneurship, business credit, funding, and what I LOVE.... GRANTS!

My passion is just that, helping others. And yes, sometimes that can have me working overtime but that is when the time management comes in. So I've setup this software for my back office so I can better serve my clients when it comes to sending them information and keeping up with funding opportunities. This will be fantastic!! Also, over the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing online courses in.....

  1. Idea 2 Money! (taking your ideas and what you love to do and making money from that)

  2. Moving on Up! (is your business ready for grants, business loans, teaching you how to be prepared so you can ditch using your personal information)

  3. I Wanna Give Back! (how to start a nonprofit organization, going straight to the facts)

I will be sharing the release date soon on the online courses. Contact me if you're interested in any. In the meantime, I'm searching grants daily and ready to help anyone who is motivated and willing to put in the work. When you're applying for funding you need a good track record. Paperwork is KEY! Photos of your work! Most importantly, your DEDICATION to your work.

If you're ready to look into grants, let's chat. I will have to be honest, I don't work with just anyone. You have to be ready, the business must be legit, and I have to feel like I can serve your justice. No wasting time.

Let Get Started.

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