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The importance of time management

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Are you wasting time on the computer because you can't get off Facebook? Did you wake up at 10:00 am and thought you would have enough hours to get all your work done? What about laying down watching TV and not planning for your next grant course? Yes, it happens!

We all waste time but that is not a good thing.

What is the difference between productive time and nonproductive time?

Productive time refers to the hours an employee is actually physically working. Non-productive time is paid time for which the employee is not on duty such as vacation days, holidays, education, and sick days, these days are owed to the employee in accordance with the contract of benefits to the employee.

What hours of the day are you most productive? It's different for many people..

Does music help you work and stay on task? It does for me...

Find out what works for you. Do what is best for you. Read these tips below and start working on your time management TODAY!

  1. Keep a time log of when you work and stop.

  2. Have a planned work break for daily or weekly jobs.

  3. Turn your phone off if needed.

  4. Improve your punctuality.

Time management is very important for a small business owner. Use your time wisely because you can't get it back.

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