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LaTonya Chante

Dancer and Grant Writer

"Drawing from over 35 years of dance experience and 16 years as a successful dance studio owner, coupled with a proven track record in securing grants for nonprofit organizations and small businesses nationwide, I am uniquely positioned to assist fellow dance studio owners in obtaining grants to elevate their businesses. Allow me to leverage my expertise to write grants tailored to your studio's needs and aspirations."

How can a grant help my dance studio?

Grant funding presents a pivotal opportunity for dance studio owners to expand their offerings and nurture their artistic ventures. With additional funding, dance studios can diversify their class offerings, catering to a broader range of students and enhancing their after-school activities. Summer programs can be enriched, allowing for innovative workshops and intensive training sessions that elevate dancers' skills. Moreover, grants can facilitate the acquisition of resources, such as equipment and costumes, fostering a more enriching and professional environment for both students and instructors. By obtaining grants, dance studio owners can unlock the potential for growth, creativity, and community impact within their studios.


You can apply for grants that help expand your dance career.


Do you own a studio?

It's a grant for that!!

Youth Programs

If your studio host events that cater to youth fitness or creative arts funding is available. 


Let's look at all your experiences in life to see what grants you qualify for.

dance grant ready-2.png

Things to remember when applying for grants:

1.  Does the grant fit your mission?

2.  Is your business ready to receive funding?

3.  Have you researched the grantor and past awardees?

4.  Do you have the qualifications for the grant?

Hiring a grant writer can help you save time and make sure your business is apply for funding that will expand your purpose.  Do not waste time, if you're not ready!

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