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Frequently Asked Questions


Read this page to see the most frequently asked questions by clients.

 01  Do you apply for your clients grants?

Yes. I can send you the link to a grant or I can apply for grants that fit your business if you're apart of the Grant Team. 



 02  Is business credit needed?

If you would like to take advantage of business loans, business credit cards, net 30 accounts, or tax cuts, start your business credit asap.  Your business credit is different than you personal credit.




 03  Does it cost to apply for grants?

Most grants that you submit to an organization or company is free.  Some grants require an application fee but I don't deal with those often.



 04  How long does it take to hear if I won the funds?

All grants have a deadline and release of funds date.  When you apply for grants, most of the information will be on the application.  It takes around 2-3 months for most but some take 6-8 months or longer. 



 05  Are grants easy to obtain?

This question is asked a lot and the answer is no but can be.  If you have all your business paperwork in order and can show a good track record of your business you have a better chance.  

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